Openhunt's insights

My first steps as a member


Before explaining the basics of the website, let us quickly review what all of this is really about:


Openhunt is an innovative platform of recruitment centered on communities of handpicked professionals all 'competing' with their networks.

This method called crowd recruitment allows to reach talents from within like never done before. It gives the opportunity to selected community members to recommend colleagues/friends/contacts to jobs available on Openhunt and win rewards when successful.
Our specialized recruiters help to review the community's input until we can bring the best match between our clients and our candidates.

Openhunt aims at being a fun and highly rewarding crowd based concept applied to recruitment. We are currently focusing on the automotive, mechanical, and electronics industries.


Ok, so now what should I do to get started ?


As soon as your account is validated, your profile well completed with your favorite picture, you can freely check current openings and their rewards by clicking on Projects in the main menu. After that it is rather simple. You can identify the jobs in your industry and where you are likely to know the right person. After a careful check at the job description, it is all up to your imagination in looking for the right person! Your phone ? Your abandoned box of business cards? Your friends ? Your colleagues ? Your linked In ? It only needs a valid email address to send the job to this person! Remember that this recommendation is anonymous so the person you invited will not know it is coming from you unless you personally inform him.


A few rules apply: A person cannot be recommended twice by different members. In addition, if you wish to apply to a job you can recommend yourself, but remember that there are no financial rewards for recommending a community member including yourself! You will still get points for it.


I observe there are levels, points and badges. What is that for ?


You will not always win a project but we felt that meaningful contributions should be rewarded anyway.


The points and badges, which are achievements or 'missions' on Openhunt, give access to higher levels. Getting higher levels will have various benefits for the members. One of the most important feature is that the higher is your level, the more chances of recommendation you get per project ( 2 max recommendation at level 1).  This will give you a significant advantage in winning projects. In addition, your recommendations have more weight within the candidate ranking system available to hiring companies. In other words for similar candidates, the higher level member will have his candidate first in the list hence more chances to be picked by the company.


As Openhunt grows bigger, levels will play a more important role. Certain projects can only be accessed at a certain level, level will unlock additional rewards and top perfomers will be invited to join VIP events. Those are just a few example of how your score, in addition to your financial rewards, will play a part in your experience on Openhunt.


I have recommended someone, what should I do now ?


You can keep recommending people to other openings! Meanwhile you can see what is going on with your recommendations on your dashboard. Have they applied ? Are they selected ? etc.  Do not be suprised that is takes time for an applicant or a company to take a decision. In average, fulfilling a position takes 3 months!


However if you feel that the person you recommended is not taking action of applying, feel free to contact him/her to make sure he received the invitation to apply. If not, do not hesitate to contact us at to inform us of a problem with your recommendation.



You can check out more tips and info in our FAQ section. Also the group on Linked In and Facebook can be a great a place to share and exchange about your experience.


Good luck to you!