Openhunt beta is now live !

We are happy to welcome you on Openhunt!


After months of develpment and discussions with Openhunt's first clients, we have finally come up with a first, ready to use crowd recruitment platform!

We are very excited to see you try our platform and see your first recommendations to our openings. We have mostly jobs in the automotive as this is one of our strong focus, but you will also find positions within the electronic/electrical sector.


This remains a Beta version and we are aware not all aspects of the website are perfect at this stage. We hope to quickly improve your experience and we welcome any of your feedback in that direction.


You will first need to register an account on openhunt and wait for our validation. After being approved, you will be able to browse our projets and see if any of these position is reminding you of someone you know in your current or previous company. You can keep track of the advancement of your referral in real time on your homepage.


We have made clear what is the reward to expect in case of success, but remember this amount can go a little bit up or down depending on the hired salary! (30% maximum)

Pay a close attention to the requirements of a project otherwise you might waste a recommandation or even lose points ! Points will give all sorts of benefits on the platform and more points will quickly mean more chances to make money on Openhunt !


If you aren't sure of who to recommend, do not hesitate to be imaginative. You can use your linked in, your business card, your favorite social network and work directory to look for people with a similar position in your network. Remember that a recommandation is anonymous so persons you invite to apply will not know this invitation is coming from you, unless you made it clear in your customed recommandation text.

At last, you just need to try it out and it ok to make mistakes at the beginning. We all get better with practise and hopefully you quickly refer the right persons and get our rewards!


Good luck to you and do not hesitate to check the FAQ or How it Works for more details.