How it works

OPENHUNT is a pioneer in professional crowdrecruitment.

For every job, our selected members can apply or refer one of their contacts.
Members gain levels and are highly rewarded when their recommendations get the job!
Who can join the community ?
  • You are working in the Automotive, Mechanical & Electrical industries
  • You are connected or have access to contacts working in the same industry
  • You like to keep an eye open for new opportunities for you and your friends

OPENHUNT gives you the opportunity to view exclusive job offers and generate income from your professional network

The role of members
Companies post job offers with rewards
Members select job offers
Potential candidates apply to the companies
Companies confirm hiring to Openhunt
Members refers potential candidates
Members choose to recommend themselves
Openhunt rewards members
Recruiting with Openhunt

A client contacts us
or open its own
recruitment project


We review
and share
with the community

Reach out

Each member invites
his own contacts
in the industry to
apply to the position


Our recruiters screen
and interview
relevant candidates


Our client reviews
our top candidates
feedback and
chooses who to
move forward with

Our key competitive advantages
  • We leverage current technologies and trends including
    social networking to deliver a new and effective placement service
  • You can actively take part in the screening process with our 
    advanced customer homepage
  • Our specialized network allows us to easily screen technical candidates
    within your industy
  • Our method allows you to reach talented individuals who
    are not actively looking for a job through people they trust
  • Our pricing is very competitive and based solely on success

Applying to a job on OPENHUNT can take as little as 5 minutes!

Why use OPENHUNT ?

Whether you are looking for talents, jobs or rewards,
there is a great chance for you to find what you need


We have compiled a knowledge base
That should answer any questions you may have regarding
Openhunt's platform