MES Manager

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A leading manufacturer in exterior car parts - MES Manager

Headquartered in China and is a leading manufacturer of exterior car parts, with a dominant market share in core products such as trims, body structural parts and decorative parts. It has a global presence and operates in more than 30 production facilities in over 20 cities across China, North America, Mexico, Germany, Thailand with over 7000 employees today.
They provide a growing portfolio of parts for global platform car models, including models from Nissan, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Peugeot and Chrysler etc. They were listed on the HK stock exchange in 2005 and continue to pursue sustainable profitable growth and generated 3.9 billion turnover in 2011 finance year.

Position Title: 
MES Manager
Starting Date: 
Global Experience: 
8 years
Position's main purpose: 

Manage MES system platform effectively, ensure MES system program runs smoothly and reliability

Key responsabilities: 

1. 有效地管理MES系统平台,确保系统程序稳定可靠的运行
Manage MES system platform effectively, ensure MES system program runs smoothly and reliability
2. 执行MES应用项目,包括其管理,维护,实施,开发,文档工作
Run MES project, including project management, system administration, implementation, development, documentation.
3. 对外部供应商能够有效地进行管理,对外联络和沟通
Manage outside MES system supplier effectively, communication with external business dept.
4. 负责保证系统架构的稳定性、问题处理和不断优化系统性能.
Responsible for ensuring the system architecture stability, dealing with the problem and continuously optimize system performance.
5. 根据业务需求优化MES解决方案,并且实施推广到各工厂。
To optimize the MES solution according to business requirements, and extend it to each factory

6. 负责推广实施Minth集团MES系统,组织业务部门和软件供应商根据MES规划有步骤实现业务需求。
Responsible for the implementation of MES system, organize the business department and software suppliers to achieve business requirements according to MES planning


8+ years’ experience of IT system develop, design, implementation, management and optimization,
5+ years’ experience of MES platform develop, design, implementation & project management or above.

Additional skills: 

Great ability of implementation and management of Application systems projects
Great ability of MES system platform architecture design
Great ability of supplier management
Ability to perform in a challenging, fast-paced technical and business environment
掌握.Net 开发语言,熟悉Oracle\MS SQL等数据库管理及C#、Java开发平台等
Master .Net development platform; Familiar with Oracle\MS SQL, etc. data base management, C#, Java development platform
熟悉Rockwell, GE, Siemens等主流知名MES系统架构,程序规范
That familiar with famous MES system architecture and program spec. such as Rockwell, GE, Siemens, etc. is prefer


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