Senior Systems Engineer (200-300K/Year)

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A multinational aviation systems JV - Senior Systems Engineer

The JV specialises in aviation systems that are used to support commercial aircraft platforms.

Position Title: 
Senior Systems Engineer
Starting Date: 
Global Experience: 
6 years
Position's main purpose: 

Utilizes an interdisciplinary approach focusing on customer needs and requirements to design, develop, document and test hardware and/or software systems ranging from the simple to extremely complex.
As a domain engineer providing guidance on project technical direction.

Key responsabilities: 

Requirements Analysis 30%

- Conduct thorough and efficient communication to capture the originating requirements to figure out the true need from outside including stakeholders, owners and customers
- Think from a bigger view and full version to know how the real problems need to be resolved.
- Analyse the requirements to know the architectural context and the priorities to define the most important requirements
- Determine technical direction and sources for design engineer team
- Define technical performance measures
- Define operational concepts to know how the product would be used and what the product is supposed to do

Overall Architecture 35%

- Design logical solution architecture and physical solution architecture
- Define product external and internal interfaces
- Perform trade studies to select solution and allocate requirements to the solution components
- Integrate solutions for assemble components and installation work
- Develop relevant acceptance procedures to make sure all the components or parts are integrated and assembled correctly
- Analyze of computer network and avionics interfaces interconnectivity

Evaluator 20%

- Conduct informal test for basic functionality and perform product performance analysis and characterization.
- Define relevant verification cases and procedures to test and prove the designs and relevant work meet the requirements to make sure the project runs well
- Define validation verification cases and procedures to define if the product meet all the need to make sure it is the product wanted
- Prepare and collect relevant verification and test summary

Coordination 15%

- Technical coordination between disciplines and domains

- Providing supporting or training to design engineers, test engineers, etc.

- Communication with other outside and internal other departments


- System Engineering ­ Familiar with relevant system engineering process and experience with Integration & Test
- Strategic Vision ­ think out of the box and look at the big picture
Analysis ­ Leads others in thinking through a logical, in-depth analysis of a problem or situation;

- Developing Solutions ­ Explains several potential solutions in terms of costs and benefits;

- Coordinating ­ Exerts consistent effort to ensure that all necessary information is supported internally and externally.

- Dependability ­ Exerts consistent effort to provide quality results that are focused on the bottom­line.

- Relationships ­ Displays sensitivity and awareness of how his/her actions affect customers and co-workers.

- Stress Tolerance ­ Consistently remains even keeled, even in the most demanding of situations.

- Follow­up ­ Leads others in expressing responsiveness to internal or external customers;

- Relationships ­ Models the proper way to build and maintain relationships with others by consistently treating customers and co-workers with respect and dignity;

- Self Development ­ Encourages others to identify and take advantage of developmental opportunities.


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