Accounting Professional Manager (Up to 250K/Year)

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A leading manufacturer in exterior car parts - Accounting Professional Manager

Headquartered in China and is a leading manufacturer of exterior car parts, with a dominant market share in core products such as trims, body structural parts and decorative parts. It has a global presence and operates in more than 30 production facilities in over 20 cities across China, North America, Mexico, Germany, Thailand with over 7000 employees today.
They provide a growing portfolio of parts for global platform car models, including models from Nissan, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Peugeot and Chrysler etc. They were listed on the HK stock exchange in 2005 and continue to pursue sustainable profitable growth and generated 3.9 billion turnover in 2011 finance year.

Position Title: 
Accounting Professional Manager
Starting Date: 
Global Experience: 
5 years
Position's main purpose: 

To be responsible for accounting related tasks (budget reports, for internal customers.

Key responsabilities: 

- 编制、审核集团的合并报表并进行分析,保证集团财务信息的及时、正确、可控,确保财务分析的及时、有效;


- 参与年度预算表单的设计,编制、审核集团的年度预算合并,并进行分析

- 拟定、更新与宣导集团会计制度及其他会计财务方面的规范性文件,建立财务系统的标准化

- 根据财务中心的检视计划,组织规划会计部的检视,对子公司的会计核算业务进行审核,保证集团的相关制度和要求得

- 参与实施财务核算有关的信息化建设,协助主导部门在集团内进行推广、培训,并对财务基础数据进行维护更新。

- 编制、审核年报、中报财务信息的公开披露信息,同时关注外部财务指标,维护集团健康的财务形象

- 为集团其他部门提供会计专业服务(财务知识培训、敬职调查、其他专项服务)

- 并对财务体系的财务人员进行会计核算及财务分析相关知识的指导与培训


1.精通财务专业知识 proficient in finance knowledge;
2.沟通协调能力 strong communication and coordination skills;
3.拥有良好的自我管理能力,能够在持续压力下,有效达成目标 work under pressure and goal-oriented;
4.时间管理能力 time management skills.


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