2016 New Resolutions

A year of change for Openhunt!


A new year sometimes means new directions and new objectives.


For Openhunt we have grown and learned a lot from the past year. We had great successes with important companies in China but we also understood there are ways to be even more effective.


It has always been the objective of Openhunt to provide a higher quality of recruiting service in China by leveraging current technologies. In a place where the number of jobs and applicants make hiring so much more tricky and time consuming, a quality orientated approach is where the true value lies for a recruiting platform/service.


We have found that there are ways to provide better recommendations to our clients by further involving candidates at an earlier stage in the recruiting process.


Not only does it provide a better chance for those who are willing to put the extra effort but for companies, it might just become a trend in better understanding applications it receives. Hence it will considerably increase the efficiency of further steps in the hiring process.


All this shall exist in a mobile platform as it is far most suited to our times and gives the opportunity to turn a few minutes of laying back on the couch in new career propects. 


We have invested a lot of time in conceiving this new approach to recruiting and we are now talking with investors in the hope to bring this to you this very year.


No doubt it should be a very interesting year for the team and for everybody looking for a job or a new recruit.

Stay in touch with us for this exciting next step!