The First Step to Escape Your Cage

The consumption oriented mindset is at the center of what could be mankind’s trend toward the acceptance of servitude.


The pattern in which people are trained to endure a life of repetitive work and give up control of their time and life/work balance is what I call the wheel of servitude.


Anyone caught in this wheel is a forever servant to those who broke away and now utilize others’ spinning power to their own means.


1 – At the very beginning, the primary driver in the wheel of servitude was hunger:


People would find it impossible to break through unless you work with (or rule) other people- there was no excess of food available for consumption.


2- Very quickly, humans realized their power over others used the tools of fear and insecurity to put people to work.


Again it is hard to escape if you are not born on the right side of the wheel and living the Master life. History has proven that this cycle is commonly ended by revolutions.


3- In today’s developed societies food and shelter are both generally readily available, and as such they are no longer direct life-threatening powers. The new drive is consumption and this is a direct consequence of a more individualistic approach in society.


The new wheel of servitude is fairly simple:


Spending is an essential act of living in our society. It provides recognition, a display of wealth, a short term feeling of content.


The steps between earning and spending are constantly reduced and one could imagine that someday it will take only a simple desire or thought process to trigger a purchase.


In addition, social media has significantly increased our personal exposure and individual “brand building.” To adequately display happiness or wealth, it has become essential for many to broadcast all of their spending and flashy holidays. This habit leads to the self-maintaining need to meme or envy virtual friends’ apparent happiness.


Regardless of what you believe, everything is designed to keep you in this wheel. The walk from work to home is already an invitation to spend. Turning on your seemingly cost free distractions push you into a portal of endless commercials seeding your future material needs.


Do not listen to the sirens of happiness


The biggest invention by our new age masters to keep us spinning is the idea that happiness can be obtained through a quick and painless road.


If you are tired, just go on holiday. If you are hungry, go eat. If you like something, buy it. There is no need to contemplate or remain frustrated, simply act on every impulse!


How many more turns before I can get my iPhone 6?


No doubt you can find some sort of comfort pedaling your wheel of servitude. Knowing the challenges one would face, I will not sell you the idea that breaking through will instantly make you anything close to happy. The entire system will make it very hard for you to escape your spinning duty.


This too should advise you to stop thinking with a happiness driven state of mind!


Instead, have a result oriented state of mind. It will bring you so much further. It’s okay to be happy between two successes.


The first step to get out of your wheel is saving!


With any initiative, whether personal or professional, it is wrong to focus on ideas, skills, business plan, etc.


Everything starts with a stack of cash. Results require investment, and investment requires saving.


Keep it simple and effective and start accumulating for every turn you make on your wheel.


Soon you might realize that money is not a mean to purchase things it is a lottery ticket.


With every purchase you make for instant gratification you are losing chances to invest and break through. The bigger your reserve the more risk you can take.


Only then, determine an intended result and choose a project to gamble on. Who knows, one of them might bring you to the top of the world!


I raise you!