Who can join the community?

Being a professional in the targeted industries and/or being exposed to a lot of people from this industry is a true asset for becoming a community member. Anyone working closely to these industries are potentially interesting for the community as it is more a matter of how easily you are connected to the individual we seek rather than what you do for a living. We review every application before accepting or not a new member. We are making sure everybody will find projects within his industry and has good chances to be successful on Openhunt.


We are not looking for the largest number of people but we rather focus on the quality of our community.

What should I do to get started?

As soon as your account is validated, your profile well completed with your favorite picture, you can freely check current openings and their rewards by clicking on Projects in the main menu.


After that it is rather simple. You can identify the jobs in your industry and where you are likely to know the right person. After a careful check at the job description, it is all up to your imagination in looking for the right person! Your phone ? Your abandoned box of business cards? Your friends ? Your colleagues ? Your linked In ? It only needs a valid email address to send the job to this person! Remember that this recommendation is anonymous so the person you invited will not know it is coming from you unless you personally inform him.


A few rules apply: A person cannot be recommended twice by different members. In addition, if you wish to apply to a job you can recommend yourself, but remember that there are no financial rewards for recommending a community member including yourself! You will still get points for it.


How can I earn money with Openhunt?

On Openhunt, you are able to recommend people to jobs in your industry and successful recommendations are rewarded. The process is very easy and it should take less than 2 min given that you already have a person in mind.


In the project section you will find projects with an estimated reward for each of them. When you click on a project you will find the key requirements and the number of recommendations available for you for this project. on the next screen you simply have to input the contact information of your referral. If you wish to apply to this job then you can recommend yourself.


We are working on a system that will allow that, when a project is won by OPENHUNT, members who recommended candidates for this project without success will also earn a small amount of money to reward their attempts.


There are important rules to keep in mind: There is no financial reward for successfully recommending a person who belongs to the OPENHUNT community, including yourself. This should be rare though as the community is limited in size and accessible on invitation only. The second rule is that when you start your OPENHUNT account, you will be able to do a maximum of 2 recommendations per project. This is why it is important to make sure you recommend the right persons. More points will allow to increase your total possible number of recommandations (see the points section for more details).

How much money can I make with a successful recommendation?

The minimum reward is set to RMB 3k that is the guaranteed reward for any projects, regardless of the hired salary. In average it will be more than that. With the positions we should obtain from our clients we expect the average reward to be around RMB 5k, but it could sometimes go up to 10k+ for more top positions.


The estimated reward will be displayed with the project description. However this amount is not guaranteed because it is based on the final salary negotiated between the candidate and the client. We guarantee to our members that the final amount cannot be lower than 30% from the estimated amount. It could as well be higher!

I have recommended someone, what should I do now?
You can keep recommending people to other openings! Meanwhile you can see what is going on with your recommendations on your dashboard. Have they applied ? Are they selected ? etc. Do not be suprised that is takes time for an applicant or a company to take a decision. In average fulfilling a position takes 3 months!


However if you feel that the person you recommended is not taking action of applying, feel free to contact him/her to make sure he received the invitation to apply. If not, do not hesitate to contact us at project@openhunt.com to inform us of a problem with your recommendation


When can I expect to receive a payment?
In average around 30-40 days. If you have successfully recommended someone, the payment is due to you only after the a certain period of time. At most this period will be equal to the probation period of the newly hired candidate. In a lot of cases, it will be only a month. In every case the candidate must be working in his new company after his probation period for you to be 100% sure to obtain your financial reward otherwise the client company might deny the success of the project. Your payment will be pending until we receive the confirmation from the client that the recruitment is valid. It will not exceed the maximum probation period time (6 months). As soon as you have received the money you are certain that the project is won!
I see levels, points and badges. What is that for ?

You will not always win a project but we felt that meaningful contributions should be rewarded anyway.


The points and badges, which are achievements or 'missions' on Openhunt, give access to higher levels. Getting higher levels will have various benefits for the members. One of the most important feature is that the higher is your level, the more chances of recommendation you get per project ( 2 max recommendation at level 1).  This will give you a significant advantage in winning projects. In addition, your recommendations have more weight within the candidate ranking system available to hiring companies. In other words for similar candidates, the higher level member will have his candidate first in the list hence more chances to be picked by the company.


As Openhunt grows bigger, levels will play a more important role. Certain projects can only be accessed at a certain level, level will unlock additional rewards and top perfomers will be invited to join VIP events. Those are just a few example of how your score, in addition to your financial rewards, will play a part in your experience on Openhunt.


What kind of jobs will Openhunt focus on? should members expect that they will know people to recommend?

We focus on jobs in the automotive industry and the mechanical and electronical industry as well. Positions could as well be in technical departements as in support departments (i.e sales, marketing, etc.).


The reason why we believe our members would know the right persons is because the companies are targeted to be right into the community's core industries.

We think it will be easy for most of our users to find the right person because there are the people you meet everyday and all along your career. We also encourage to network as much as you can, on Linked In or in real life, as the more people you are connected with the more chances you know a person fit for the job. It will happen that there are projects that you just do not know anyone who would be relevant and that is ok. There should be plenty of other projects for which it may be easier for you to reach the right person.